Microsoft Health Innovation Awards 2016

Liquidweb and Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute honored as recipient of Microsoft Health Innovation Awards 2016 at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas.
The solution Braincontrol, provided by Liquidweb to Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute, has been awarded by an independent panel of judges.
Braincontrol gives disabled people the ability to control objects with their thoughts. It interprets the electric map that corresponds with certain brain activity and allows patients to control a communicator, domotic devices (lights, doors, windows, alarms, temperature, bed position, etc.), and other assistive technologies.

Pasquale Fedele, CEO of Liquidweb s.r.l., commented: “Today Braincontrol fills a technological void for patients who are cognitively aware, but completely unable to move or communicate, a state called locked-in. Future versions will be focused on unmet needs for patients with less severe disabilities”

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