Life Science Excellence Awards

An evening dedicated to science and to the joy of celebrating the winners of the first edition of the Life Science Excellence Awards 2019 organized by Sics – Italian Society of Scientific and Health Communication. Over 300 people, including representatives of the institutions, scientists and managers, met on 23 October in Rome to participate in the final stage of the first edition of the prize promoted by Popular Science and Quotidiano Sanità.

In the last phase of the Life Science Excellence Awards 2019, the 120 excellences that received the award during the evening of 23 October, competed divided into categories, in order to allow doctors and pharmacists to evaluate their projects. The result was a communication campaign lasting more than 4 months which reached over 7 million contacts through Quotidiano Sanità, Popular Science and Health Industry and just under 500 thousand users through the social profiles of the same magazines. Overall, over 14,000 health professionals voted. 

Liquidweb has been awarded as an “Excellence” in the “Best Innovative Device-Technology” category with BrainControl.

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