First user in Asia for BrainControl

The first patient in Asia, in Seoul, that benefit of BrainControl technology, in Locked-in state for 10 years due to a traumatic brain injury

The mission sponsored by the European Union through the “EU Gateway” program has ended in the best way. The business mission dedicated to Healthcare & Medical Technologies involved the BrainControl team in Seoul, South Korea, from 11 to 15 March.
Over the satisfaction of the many business meetings, there was the pleasure of having helped a 28-year-old man from Seoul, who has been in Locked-In for 10 years due to a traumatic brain injury and now he has started to communicate again thanks to BrainControl.

Pasquale Fedele, CEO of Liquidweb, declared: ”This mission follows the previous participation at a UNICEF initiative, where I met a family member of the patient, a researcher in Dublin. The joy and the wonder of the family were a huge satisfaction. In few time J. Y. has started to communicate with his family again and he also could tell them that he was feeling pain in his arms.”

BrainControl AAC is an Augmentative Alternative Communication medical device based on Artificial Intelligence for Human-Machine interaction through biofeedback.
This device is divided into two sections: “Braincontrol AAC BCI” and “Braincontrol AAC Sensory”:

  • BrainControl BCI AAC, that uses the Brain-Computer Interface technology, which allows interaction through an EEG headset, by the use of imagined movements, allowing also patient in completely Locked-In (CLIS) to communicate.
  • BrainControl Sensory AAC, based on wearable or remote sensors allowing detection of residual movements, such as the eye gaze (also minimum, for those who are not able to use the standard eye tracking), or eyelid, cheek or leg movements, etc.

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