The Santa Maria della Scala in Siena is the first museum in the world equipped, starting from Today, with BrainControl Avatar, a unique access service realized by Liquidweb dedicated to people with mobility disabilities, who will be able to admire the prestigious museum complex and its important collections via a remotely piloted robotic alter ego.



During the presentation of BrainControl Avatar at the Sienese museum, Eng. Pasquale Fedele, CEO of Liquidweb s.r.l and Antonio Malafarina, a patient connected remotely, offered a demo of the service where Mr. Malafarina was able to visit the rooms of the Sienese museum through the robotic avatar. The use of the robotic avatar was then made accessible to people with physical functioning and then registered to the public thus offering a service experience.



By connecting remotely to BrainControl Avatar, people will be able to pilot their own robotic alter ego to move within the spaces autonomously, to observe the objects in a close way and interact with the visitors and the guides present in the museum.



The BrainControl Avatar service is accessible to people with different degrees of disabilities, up to people in a Locked-In or completely LIS state. In fact, the device integrates different modes of interaction, from the mouse simulator to the eye tracker, up to the BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) mode, which interprets and classifies the brain waves generated by our thoughts related to movement.

Braincontrol Avatar is the newest functionality of BrainControl AAC, an Augmented Alternative Communication system realized by Liquidweb s.r.l., which has already  obtained several International acknowledgements for its innovative technology and for its attention to the quality of life of disabled people and of their caregivers.


With BrainControl Avatar it is possible to make visits remotely and interact through a truly immersive experience: the system allows to move within the spaces, adjust audio, video and height of the visual frame independently and then admire the objects in a closer way, read the captions and observe the details.

It is also possible to interact with the surrounding environment as the monitor and speakers on board allow the remote visitor, if he wishes, to make himself visible and relate to the other visitors and guides present inside the museum, putting in place  an avatar personification that allows interaction with the people around.


<<There are over 20 million people in the world with tetraplegia and over 3 million can’t even move a muscle, neither speak. Starting from Today –  the Mayor of Siena Luigi De Mossi said – they will be able to connect from their home to the Santa Maria della Scala, using their brain waves, and move within the museum complex via the robotic avatar. We are very proud to launch in Siena the world preview of this important project >>.


<<Braincontrol AAC was created to return the possibility of communicating to those who maintain intact cognitive abilities, but suffer from degenerative neuro-muscular diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis, or live with ischemic or traumatic brain damage. I have been pursuing for many years the objective of enabling these people to autonomously  visit the cultural sites, such as exhibitions and museums. It’s a dream that Today comes true thanks to our Team >>, said Mr. Pasquale Fedele, CEO of Liquidweb, <<we thank the municipality of Siena and the Museum for having implemented this important initiative of great social impact and UBI Banca for having supported the project by allowing disabled people to access the visits for free. In the next future we will activate new partnerships to extend the service to other museum and also to other fields such as the sport events>>.


Thanks to the contribution of UBI Banca, by adopting BrainControl the municipality of Siena, a world famous tourist attractions in Tuscany whose city center is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, puts the Santa Maria della Scala at the forefront of technological innovation and social inclusion. Fabio Viti, head of Siena, Livorno, Grosseto Unit of UBI Banca affirmed <<this project is fully in line with our mission to develop a sustainable and impactful  business model>>.


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