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Putting Web techonogies to work into the real world

LiquidWeb provides software development service that will help your business to grow and develop rapidly. We provide mobile application development, web application development, software development, engineering, integration, technology consulting and project management.


Mobile apps development on iPhone, iPad and Android platform

Liquidweb has a dedicated teams for mobile apps development, able to support companies that want to extend their business into the Mobile market investing in the development of applications for iOS 4 and Android.

We are able to develop different types of applications that will take advantage of the full potential and functionality of the two systems:

  • business software and solutions;
  • productivity apps;
  • games and multimedia app;
  • turistics apps;
  • augmented reality apps;
  • porting web applications to mobile platform and iPhone to Android platform.

Virtual workspaces
Building Virtual Workspace through on-line collaboration tools and unified communication.

Virtual Workspaces allow people
to interact and work with one another in a collaborated environment regardless of where they are in the world, decreasing unnecessary costs by integrating technology processes, people processes, and online processes.  We offer both cloud-based solutions (with Google Apps technologies) and hosted solutions (VMware Zimbra technology).


Smart Environment systems

We design and develop phisical spaces that are richly and invisibly interwoven with
sensors, multimedial devices, and computational elements, embedded seamlessly
in the everyday objects of our lives (lamps, walls, paintings, etc.) and connected to the Internet.

Brain–Computer Interface (BCI)    

                                    Application for assisting, augmenting or repairing human cognitive   
or sensory-motor functions,
gaming applications.

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