Liquidweb is a startup company operating within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field, with special focus in Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Services and Cloud computing technologies.

The main mission of the company is to transfer knowledge, experiences and research results into real product and services in the following areas:

· Development of Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms
· Design of smart environments, pervasive technologies and Internet of things applications

· Unified Communication and Web Collaboratio

Agile methodology

Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) are the two
Agile methodology we use to manage and control software and product development.
Agile approach enables to maintain high quality standards, control costs and improve speed-to-market.


"LIQUIDWEB" because we think is time to put Internet and Web techonogies to work into the real world. We're big believers in Mobile and Ubiquitous computing technologies, Internet of things, Unified Communication and Web Collaboration.

Agile Manifesto

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Working software over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Responding to change over following a plan.